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Future of Solar technology

Benefit of solar panel can save your money
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Less dependence on another resources, low maintenence charge and renewability is very low are benefit of solar technology. Electricity production is not sufficient in the ratio of population in developing countries.

The solar system has three parts-

Benefit of Solar panels-

Solar energy decreases the burden on another resources.

It does not release CO2 or any other gases that are harmful to the environment.

Electricity availability and expenses are one problem for people.

Solar energy can also be used for heating, drying, and cooking.

Solar can use in planes, cars, high size power boats, satellites, calculators etc.

Once a company or person install a solar system then system works for minimum 30 years.

If a building is solar operated then it will give more revenue on selling.

When solar cells are installed in the rooftop then its shadow makes less warm than before.

Government provides more subsidy on solar panels.

Solar panels has wide variety of applications.

Solar panel require very less maintenance.

Solar Impulse 1 swiss helicopter flew worldwide in 2009 using a photovoltaic cells.

Solar impulse 2 flew in 2016 with battery colling system.

Maintenance of solar panels-

We should taken care that no object should create shadow on solar plates.

Solar plates should not be dusty so ensure cleaning of solar plates.

Solar panel needs to remove dust occasionally.

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