Easy ways to lower electric Bill

Easy way to save electric bill

We are going to discuss to lower electric bill instead of blaming someone. Monitor your major causes for high electric bill.

Energy Conservation Day is being celebrated every year on December 14 since 1991 all over the world.

The objective to celebrate the National Energy Conservation Day is to drive public awareness to ensure the importance of energy efficiency and conservation.

If your electric use is increase dramatically from the prior month without extra consumption, which would certainly make your bill increase.

Low your electric bill by knowing these reasons-

 The most possible reason  may a meter reading or estimating error, particularly if your meter is still manually read.

  • The possible reasons could be Sometime ignore that you could have been charged over estimated bill because the power company did not read the meter.
  •  Incorrect reading by the meter reader because of defective power meter or defective wiring.
  • Check Bill a duration more than a month .
  • Possible leakages on safety devices and become reason to more consumption of electrical energy
  • Electricity tariffs hike by company.
  • Theft of electricity by someone without your knowledge.
  • Loose connections of wire that cause heating and energy loss . Underground wires that are broken can also be a reason.
  •  Incorrect computation by the electricity supply company or company employee, which could also include data entry error. It could be one or more of these reasons that can apply.
  •  Faulty wiring at the electric pole supplying your house.
  • Any new device may be the reason like  Lights, heaters, new appliances, induction cooker, electric press, refreigtater in high consumption mode.
  • Faulty appliances such as water heaters
  • Compare electric charges of household like your consumption.

Mis-understanding on electric bill slip

Look your last 3 or 4 electric bills and see if last month’s usage was particularly low.

Check GST Charges, Access demand penalty, Surcharge components on your bill.

It may be your electric company raised rates or surcharges.

Varify that you should not crossing  the limit of sanctioned load.

Ensure your arrear count should zero.

Check the rate on you bill comparing to last month.

General Advise

You can easily develop habits to keep lights  and fan off when no one in  room in easy ways.

Install Solar System if there is enough light in day.

Use low electricity consumption appliances.

Develop your house using environment friendly techniques.

Make payment before disconnection date can lower your electric bill .

Checking of meter fault

Firstly check meter with the help of electrician.

If meter has no fault then check the electricity leakage in house with the help of electrician.

For checking fault first switch off the main power switch of your house then check the meter raeding. If it is going forward then it means it has fault on meter. In this case electric company will return back your overcharged money. If some wires that is not belonging to you can also be a reason for meter reading hike.

Finally, these reasons will help you to save energy and money.

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