Google search techniques : How to do google search

Billions of people start their task with google search and they need to pay attention on Google search techniques which is important for good result in Google.It has algorithm that provide search result , we will tell how user can get best search result improving their google searching techniques. We can get right result what he need. Although Google is continuously doing work to improving user experience. In recent years google has added many new google search techniques and feature snippet is one of them.

Google search always return information that is availble in websites but when google is not sure about his question he give nearest possible result . Using opearater with searching text is good way to get best result. These operators are special symbol. In this example we uses colon as a operator. In other words use website name with your searched text.

Quotations use (“”)

Quatation using give signal to google for exactly same type result.

If I search Narendra modi 1980 , Then all results will appear related this word but when you type “ Narendra Modi 1980 ” then only same order word result will come. These are very common google search techniques but have equal importance.

Use Tilde sign before searching word for Synonym

If you search ~ cheap furniture, user will also get inexpensive  furniture result on search. When we put tilde sign before keyword, This will help to find synonyms of that word. Tilde word itself shows equlity.

Minus Symbol-

Minus symbol is use to limit the result if we use minus sign [-] before word. For example if we want to know about video editing software but condition is we do not want to look for ios mobile but all other devices are allowed then we use minus symbol.

Two periods (..)-

 Two periods helps to decide the range, Always keep in mind that Google ignores all punctuation and non-alphanumeric characters unless they are not design as a search operator.But for range these are newest google search techniques. For example- If we want to purchase a device that price lies between 70,000 to 1 lakh then we type 70000 .. 100000 for range result.

Find one result with OR –

OR operater work when two similar words or topic are search and we do not want to mixup those words. Web results don’t contain both on same website .

It means article contain first word or second word.

Add Site is a most known google search-

If we want to get result from specific website then mention website URL with searching text .

For example- Amazon History Wikipedia.com, secularism article indianexpress.com etc.

File searching with their type-

Use file type with the file name.

For Example- If we want to find India Budget 2022 PDF then we will type “ India budget 2022 PDF ”, If we want to search Bird image in GIF format then we type ” Bird GIF”.

Advance Search-

If you do not want to use these modifier and operators then you should use advance search.

Search Result will be sorted using Language , region , last update site name, term appearing , file type, usage rights . Video and images can also be sorted according to their type, size, color, aspect ratio.

Time range setup in google search –

If you are searching news and anyother thing with in perticular time from year before or month before then use this filter. Clicking on tools we can use this filter and custom range has given.

Google supports has image search history. For using this you should upload an image file after that google crawler will find related information about photo. It also explore related information in the past. If we upload monument photo , any public meeting photo , disaster photo then this will also give photo historical information that when this image first uploaded and related news .

Appearance  setting has been given for Dark mode. Mobile user can use dark mode from top-left corner. During Night we can use dark mode to reduce stress in eyes.

Google search calculater can fulfill your basic calculation problems. It also has unit converter for Length, area, volume, speed, weight, temperature, power, pressure. This can easly fulfill our routine measurement needs and equaly useful like calculator device.

Exchange rate conversion can also be done on most of currencies

Goodle search has capability to convert units and provide interative results in chart format.

One thing you can notice that currency symbol typing is not require to search only currency name is sufficient.

Like-If we type 15 degree Celsius in forhrenheit,10 gram in kilogram then google will provide answer.

Define words use

If you add define word in search before search word then it will provide you definition of word.

If you want to look the history of word that you search before type-“Define in Google search”.

If we search define Bitcoin then its description will came If you want read more about Bitcoin Click this post.

Delivery and postal package tracking in google search-

Paste or type the tracking number of your postal package and find status to package directly.

Live time in India

Now in globalized world people are connected with multiple time zone, It is hard to calculate time difference between two locations but google search  simplified this problem. We can know the time just typing city name or country name after “time in ”.

We can know sunrise time or sunset time just typing Sunset or sunrise. But your location should be set by your mobile or PC  manually or through GPS system.

Know temperature, precipitaion, wind speed cloud with just typing weather.

Other thing about your location was just fetched by your lP address. But if you are travelling type location name with weather.

Live info of stock

Just typing company ticker symbol google search provide real time price information.

Flight time

Color code can be obtained just typing color picter.

You can play some game just type his name like flip a coin, spinner, meditate etc.

Type Breathing exercise to take breath.Type Mediate for meditation.

Timer, stopwatch words also works in same way.

Safe search Filter

If kids are using your computer. After going new window go on setting then on safe search filter.

Read more about google search in wikipedia in this link

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