How to choose health Insurance

How to choose health insurance
How to choose health Insurance

Today this is very easy to take health insurance, but how to choose an insurance that covers your extra expenses during hospitalization is also a critical factor in insurance coverage.

For better health care facilities and to stay secure in an emergency with protecting medical inflation, We should adopt health insurance.

Medical health insurance provides an insurance coverage firm that gives medical protection to the insured for a premium quantity.

But a large number of people still look at health insurance as a tax-saving instrument.

Health insurance plans protect you from extra expenses. However, these are not tax-saving instruments.

Major Types of Health Insurance

You can choose plans for individual or family plans as per need. These plans are available in all health insurance companies. 

A family plan is less expensive than compared to an individual plan.

Mindmap to select the health insurance plan

It is very important to choose the right health insurance policy because-

Check benefits according to your age group.

Choose the right combination of premium and coverage plans.

The waiting period clause should not be more.

Preventive Health test Facility after health insurance

The total cost of insurance and your income.

Pre and Post hospitalization periods should not be more. Generally, pre-hospitalization is 30 days and the post-hospitalization period is 180 days for a good plan. Under this time limit company pay your medical expense.

Suppose the hospital says that you need all Day Care therapies, and treatment can be done at home. Then many insurance companies deny covering your expenses. But select those companies’ insurance that provides coverage for this type of treatment.

Lifelong Renewability is a facility that facilitates benefits annually.

Validity of Health insurance

You have to pay annually for most of the policies.

Facilities under good health insurance

The insurance provider should have a record of providing good customer care service, easy claim settlement, and streamlined renewal processes.

Contact availability and proper communication during medical emergencies should be best.

Claim Settlement procedure

The procedure should be easy and fast, and claim settlement ratio records and time to settle claims should not be complex. 

Provide the right information to the insurance company. Do not hide your treatment record and negotiate with the policy provider before taking any insurance plan.

In this process, you should ask whether their plan will cover your benefits to you or not.

If possible, we should also take reviews online and people near you who have already taken this insurance policy.

Sum Insured benefits-

Some insured options should be in the ratio of health expenses in the hospital in your region. If you have hereditary diseases, we should take account of these things.

HDFC ERGO plan offers from 5 lakh to 2 crores in a year. 

This cost depends on the health condition of the policyholder, age, and the premium plan of a policyholder.

Network Hospitals of company

An insurance provider company should have a large network of hospitals. See the list of network hospitals and ensure treatment facilities.

Group decision-making of doctors benefits the treatment of the patient.

Admission criteria should be reasonable that should have features such as cashless transactions, consultations, and e-opinions for critical illnesses.

Daily allowances should be covered with pre-mention charges limit criteria.

Network hospital should be near your residence, and admission to that should be on priority so that you can visit your hospital immediately during an emergency.

Preventive Health Check-ups

Annual medical check-ups are done under most health insurance policies. In addition, You can undertake free several tests, scans, and other diagnostic tests according to your possible illness in their network hospital.

It this also essential for you to maintain a routine of health check-ups for a healthy life.

Lifetime Renewal

Double increase in your coverage over two years on the insurance policy.

The insurance policy provides lifetime renewal facilities.

Road ambulance service should also be insured.

Suppose you are away from the city or you are away in an emergency. In that case, the air ambulance transport facility helps a lot because it is expensive for an individual. But the insurance policy covers it up to five lacs Indian rupees.

Organ Donor Bills should also be paid by the company when organ donation is needed.

This facility may be cashless.

Uncovered reason under most of the policies

Journey and sports accidents are not covered when anyone participates in sport, race, mountain climbing, etc.

Self-inflicted accidents are classified as self-imposed accidents, which mean causing harm to himself.

War is harmful to a country and people, and During Warfare, none of the health insurance companies provides you claim.

People who participate in defense operations related to military, navy, and air defense are not insured under the health insurance policy but government provides treatment to them.

Venereal or sexually transmitted diseases are not covered in most of the policies in India.

Health insurance companies do not cover therapy for weight problems, fitness, and beauty surgical procedures.

Frequently asked questions-

Why it is important to know about the weak points of health insurance?

It is very important to choose a right health insurance because most of agents sell those policy which pay maximum commission to them.

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