How to make money on youtube

How to earn mmoney on youtube
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Now a day, we all are experiencing a structural change in India, Youtube video making is an opportunity for those who want to earn money through vloging, providing ideas, knowledge, experiences and much more things. If we do proper research on the topic before video making we can increase the number of viewers by helping them in our channel and  It will also generate more money for the content creator.

According to Youtube policy enabling dishonest behavior, Sensitive events, Harmful or dangerous acts, Inappropriate language, Violence, and Tobacco-related content are not acceptable.

Adult content, Shocking content, Hateful & derogatory content, Recreational drugs, and drug-related content are not allowed.

Youtube also has a guideline related to Firearms-related content, Controversial issues, Inappropriate content for kids and families, and Incendiary and demeaning are not eligible for monetization, so be assured about your content.

But Artistic content such as music videos may contain elements such as inappropriate language, references to soft drug usage, or non-explicit sexual themes and still be suitable for advertising so keep in mind that context is also essential.

How to decide money making channel category-

Channel category depends on your interest. Videos can be any type like news, travel vlogging, family vlogging, recipe making,
dance, teaching, motivation, productivity classes, comedy, story-making, jokes,
product review, facts, art-making, gadgets’ repair, latest technology, etc.

When you make videos it should be interesting, well explained, well detail and well narrate way.

Money making ways-

Now a day, 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 4000 watch hours within a year are required to monetize your account. They pay money on the bases of adv. on your videos.

After making some videos upload in your channel and share all of your contacts to watch and subscribe and it should be regular for initial few months.

After completing the criteria, you can apply for Google Adsense.

When you starts monetization you can get offer of sponsership of product, software or any other product related to your content audience.

Affiliate marketing is a method when you send product brand or landing page link to viewers.

You can earn money by giving paid membership for exclusive videos and other perks.

Merchandise is a way when you sell your product like a t-shirt, award, or any gift related to your brand.

How to make youtube videos copyright free

Standard of videos for better money-

Upload your genuine material in video and do not upload copyright material in your videos because copyright content strike may become ahurdle on monetization. More than three copyright strikes can close your channel if strikes are not fake.

A YouTuber should always try to make new content that fulfills your viewers’ needs. Learners can start video making from mobile phones, but a professional camera is a better option to maintain video quality.

Your voice should be audible, and background noise should be minimal. So use a standard quality mic during video making.

Step-by-step video explanation increases watch time and develop understanding.

Chapterization of youtube videos-

The first timestamp should start with the format 00:00. Minimum three-time stamps are required for video characterization on youtube.

The minimum length for video chapters should be minimum 10 seconds

This feature is automatic when you type 00:00 format in the video description. The effect of chaptalization is that users can navigate and enjoy the video.

Succesful youtube creaters

Dhruv Rathi, Gaurav Chaudhary, Ashish Chanchlani,
Bhuvan Bam, Ajey Nagar, and Amit Bhadana are the highest-paid YouTuber in India.

For more information about youtube advertiser friendly guideline Click here.

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