How to make youtube videos copyright free

If we want to upload copyright free video on youtube we should have knowledge about copyright act 1976. But this act does not clearly define problems because it is so old. So in this article we will describe major things of act.

It allowed for criticism,comment news reporting, scholarship and research. Fair use allows for non-profit, educational or personal use and otherwise fair use will not work for profit.

Many websites are providing free stock photography and copyright free content.

Youtube videos under creative commons are copyright free.

For copyright free videos you should use your own recorded footage,use copyright free material on youtube video content and If you are using copyrighted material then take permission from owner.

Youtube studio has a tool that is capable to pre-check video copyright issue before publishing. If it is found copyright then remove copyrighted part.

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Fair use policy works when content owner has not raise complaint on their material. You may hear about a copyright provision that short section of video can be used freely like 10,15 or 30 second but it is not fully true.

These small duration works only when copyright owner does’t have a problem.

Fair use policy has many interpretation so some level of risk always inscribed with this.

Fair use argument only work with royality free music which has very less risk.

It is so important to know that what is the purpose of copyright act-

Commercial use and profit making is not came under fair use.

Small part of work is permitted as fair use but there is no specific duration for fair use.

Quatation, facts, data, statement, speech are came under fair use.

If original work market is affacting by your copyrighing content then it is not fair use absolutely.

So if you are doing criticism of original work then don’t use their copyright material directly.

Content ID can be generated with help of automated digitalized tool and It is capable to scan videos, and inform video holder if content has been used without their permission.

It works with scalable system.

Content ID continuously compares new uploads to the references for your assets.

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