Poshan Tracker Training

Poshan Tracker training helps to feed data of children, pregnant women, lactating mothers, and adolescent girls through the poshan tracker app.

Highlights of poshan tracker app –

Then open login screen and type your mobile number and type MPIN provided to you. If you do not have account you can click on register.

What is the form?

Here is a form on the Poshan tracker, which has forms like MPR report .

Inside each form there is a Separate questionnaires are to be filled out about the specific subject area.

Six data entry grids are in this app and each form in the grid has a different purpose.

Poshan tracker form grid

How to add beneficiary

On clicking on the “Add Beneficiary” tab, you need to register for the basic detail of pregnant women, child or adolescent girls.

Some basic information like Name, Aadhaar number, Health ID, Date of Birth, mobile number are necessory to add beneficiary.

How to add new Child

On clicking on the Add Beneficiary tab,

The form will appear with the original details, Which has to be filled properly-

Name and Aadhaar number

Date of Birth

Year of birth (if date of birth is known is not)

Gender – Father’s name and Mother’s name

Weight of the baby at birth (in kg)

Baby’s length at birth (in inches)

Growth and Nutritional detail filling under Poshan Tracker Training-

Height and weight chart for Children Growth monitoring

Growth monitoring under Poshan tracker app
Height and weight Chart SAM MAM
Growth monitoring on Poshan Tracker App
Length and weight Chart SAM MAM

Nutritional Supplements Poshan Tracker Training –

Under addition tab some survey about beneficiary.

Have you been given any nutritional supplements?

  • Folic acid
  • Iron
  • Vitamins
  • Calcium

How much is the energy intake?

How much is the intake of protein?

The submit button will update the record.

Nutritional Intervention – Farm

  • Have you been provided?


Hot, cooked food

  • What kind of health services are you availing?




The submit button will update the record and secure the information.

Vaccination checkbox guide under Poshan Tracker

Vaccination detail filling under poshan tracker-

BCG   Haemophilus influenzae type BOPV  DTP-Retaining VaccineHepatitis B
Polio  Pentavalent 1  OPV1   Rotavirus    PneumoCoccal (Conjugate)  
HPV    PentaValent2  OPV 2  Yellow Fever  Tick-borne encephalitis  
DPT2  Pentavalent 3  OPV 3     Meningococcal   Japanese Encephalitis  
Measles  Typhoid DPT  Cholera  Rubella   
Availble Vaccines for Children

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